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Do the holes in these crisps leave any gaps in quality? - Walkers Poppables sweet chilli

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

When shopping for new crisps to review, I look for ones that catch my eye. These Walkers Poppables certainly did the trick with their unique and interesting basket-like shape. Crisp brands have evidently caught onto the fact that there is a need for innovation, not just in terms of new flavours but in presentation too. Whilst shape is not a factor that I take into account in my reviews, it is important to note that it has a big effect on the eating experience and crunch factor. So, will it take these crisps to the next level?

TASTE FACTOR - Crunching down on the first crisp in the bag, I was met with a realistic sweet chilli flavour, not unlike Walker’s big hit: sensations. There was a solid, spicy kick to these crisps. However, sensational isn't the word that I would use to describe the taste here, as whilst it was pleasant, it wasn't very intense and lacked a certain depth that I find essential for a top tier crisp. The crisps themselves were light and airy, which I found to complement the less potent flavour, making these an easily digestible snack that won't make you feel bloated like most crisps do. For a hardcore crisp lover, this flavour is lacklustre, but if you are looking for a lighter, low-key taste then you'll love these. 7/10

LONGEVITY FACTOR - Working my way through the bag, the initial flavour remained consistent and palatable. On top of that, due its mild nature, it didn't become overwhelming like many crisps do. This combination meant that the last crisp was just as good as the first, and because of their smoother texture it was easy to finish them without feeling like I’d just swallowed a rock. 9/10

CRUNCH FACTOR - As the main selling point of these crisps, I am pleased to say that they are in fact, poppable! You can pop them in your mouth which is satisfying and gives them a very unique crunch. My only reservation is that they don't have a 'hard' crunch like traditional crisps. Instead, it is more akin to Pombears. I see this as a negative, but some people may prefer this texture. 7/10

TOTAL - 23/30

It is hard to make a fair judgement on these crisps. For me, they were tasty but nevertheless they left me with the feeling that something was missing. On the other hand, for someone looking for a lighter and more easily digestible snack with a less intense flavour, they are perfect.

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Jul 04, 2020

Thank you for devoting your time to creating an in depth and thought provoking review that cuts out a lot of the bullshit of other mainstream reviewers. I'm very grateful, and am excited to pick these up soon!

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