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Should you duck out on these? - Rice Fusion Peking Duck Pringles

This new line of rice infused Pringles peaked my interest from the get go. The idea is fascinating and It's nice to see the company branching out from their classic crisps that they've been making since 1967. On top of that, the green packaging and the rice flavour speaks to my healthy side, making these appealing to customers who are watching the calories. The interesting duck and hoisin sauce flavour is also a selling point. This classic Asian combination has yet to grace the crisp world, which leaves me wondering, will it be a big hit or a complete disaster?

TASTE FACTOR - The incredible accuracy of this flavour is astounding. It's just like eating the real thing! The hoisin sauce leads the charge, followed by the vegetables and the duck, and there is a hint of rice at the end to round it out. The flavour is refreshing, perfectly balanced, and is definitely one of the most complex out there. However, while it is enjoyable and impressive, for me, it fails to be 'delicious' and doesn’t quite become a crisp that I would buy on a regular basis. Therefore it misses out on a top tier score. 8.5/10

LONGEVITY FACTOR - I am pleased to say that with such an impressive flavour, it doesn't fail to stick around till the bottom of the can. If you eat the crisps in rapid succession, there is a very slight merging of the flavours but it isn't anything serious. Otherwise, each crisp is just as good as the one before it, and the flavour doesn't become too potent. This makes them less intense and sickening than a lot of other Pringles. 8.5/10

CRUNCH FACTOR - Slightly worse than the classic Pringles crunch due to the addition of the lighter rice-blend texture. Like all Pringles they are too thin for me. 6.5/10

TOTAL - 23.5/30

Needless to say, I'm very impressed. The taste execution on these is perfect, especially considering that it is such a challenging flavour to create. The slightly disappointing crunch was the only real negative about these, but it doesn't really hold them back. Be sure not to duck away from these duck flavoured Pringles when you see them!


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