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A pleasant surprise - Walkers Katsu curry

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

When the front of a crisp packet boasts itself to be a ‘TASTE ICON’ I’m expecting something good. In Walker’s quest for new, game-changing flavours I have found that they turn out to be either just that, or an extreme disappointment, with little in-between. Thankfully, this new flavour hits the mark and fits into the former category.

TASTE FACTOR - It must be said that the accuracy of this flavour is shocking. These crisps perfectly reflect the sweet, salty and extremely recognisable flavour of Katsu curry sauce. It works perfectly. The herbs also come through, balancing out the flavour and preventing these crisps from falling into an overly salty death trap. I would never have thought that a chicken curry could be translated so well into crisp form, but I was wrong. The only drawback that these crisps have, in my opinion, was a slight lack of chicken flavour. Don't get me wrong, it was there, but I found that it was sidelined by the curry sauce. This fault doesn't stop these crisps from being extremely tasty and well executed. 8/10

LONGEVITY FACTOR - I don't feel that I can make an entirely accurate judgement of this at the moment, as the pack that I bought was a small one (bigger packs aren't available yet). What I will say is that the initial flavour was retained and intensified as I worked my way through the bag. By this, I mean that the last crisp tasted better than the first. With a big pack, this may be a different story, but I doubt that these crisps would ever become sickening. 8/10

CRUNCH FACTOR - Walkers have one of the best crunches in the game.  However, like Pringles, their classic range of crisps suffer from being slightly too thin. There is room for improvement here. 7/10

TOTAL- 23/30

On the whole, this flavour was a very pleasant experience. It's nice to be able to try something different, switch up the crisps that I normally eat and not to be disappointed. Definitely give these a try!

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