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Posh Doritos? - Doritos STAX Mexican Chilli Salsa

Ever since I saw these advertised online, I knew I had to get my hands on them. As an avid Doritos fan, I was definitely curious to see how these would differ from the classics that we all know and love. The fancy packaging certainly had me interested, but many of the other crisps released during this pandemic have been failures. Will this be another in the long line of disappointments?

TASTE FACTOR - My main source of interest in this flavour was how they would differ from the Doritos staple flavour, ‘chilli heatwave‘. On opening the pack, you are greeted with chips which, unlike normal Doritos, are pale and look much more like classic tortilla chips that you would be served in a Mexican restaurant. The salsa flavour is very realistic, well balanced and complements the classic corn chip taste very well. The only real critique that I have is that they lacked a sufficient amount of spice. They taste exactly like tortilla chips dipped in salsa, which is perfect if that's what you‘re looking for, but for me, they lacked the intensity of a really good crisp. 6.5/10

LONGEVITY FACTOR - Fortunately, these chips retain their light, well balanced flavour as you continue eating. It becomes more pleasant and well rounded with only a slight merging of tastes which doesn‘t really take away from the overall flavour. You’d be hard pressed to finish the entire pack, so they’re perfect for sharing. 9/10

CRUNCH FACTOR - It has to be said, Doritos are the kings of the crunch game and they certainly didn’t disappoint here. Doritos have perfectly captured the slight flexibility and satisfying snap of classic tortilla chips. 9.5/10

TOTAL - 25/30

They may have perfectly replicated this mexican combo, but if you’re looking for doritos, stick to the OGs. That said, these crisps are a worthy substitute if you are lacking the necessary ingredients for a good salsa.

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