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Better than the original? - Wotsits Giants Really Cheesy

All of my reviews so far have been on newly released crisps so I thought it was time to go back to basics and discuss one of my all-time favourites: Wotsits. They’re the crisps that you either love or hate, and the recent release of 'Wotsits Giants' is the perfect excuse for me to explain what makes the classic so good. I'm also curious to see if the larger size will take them to the next level.

TASTE FACTOR - This is where most people stand divided when it comes to Wotsits, but for me, there's nothing better than their unique and intense cheese flavour which is akin to mature cheddar. Whilst being 'really cheesy', the taste is slightly less intense and more palatable than that of their American cousin, 'Cheetos'. Yes, they are quite salty, but it only serves to take the cheese flavour up a notch, so the salt doesn't feel out of place. It's indescribable deliciousness, just don't smell them before you eat them! 9.8/10

LONGEVITY FACTOR - The Cheesy taste stays very consistent throughout the bag and due to its simple nature there is no merging of flavours. My only minor criticism of the original Wotsits was that you had to grab several for a mouthful and due to the sheer amount of cheese dust all over them, this is a messy ordeal.  The larger size of the new Wotsits Giants means that one is a perfect mouthful. Eating them is easier and more satisfying but they still get stuck to your teeth, which can be annoying. This doesn't stop me from demolishing the entire bag before my taste buds even register what is happening. 9/10

CRUNCH FACTOR - One of Wotsits’ main selling points is that you can eat them how you like, be it melting them on your tongue or crunching down on them like traditional crisps. Personally I am a cruncher, Obviously. What Wotsits don't have is a hard crunch. Instead, it is light and airy but nevertheless satisfying, more so in their giant form. 9/10

TOTAL- 27.8/30

If you loved the original as I do, make these your go-to crisps. Their trip to the gym has made Wotsits more crunchy and satisfying to eat. Walkers have managed to improve something that was already perfect with one small, or should I say large, change. 

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Oct 05, 2020

Perfect. I'll remember these the next time I get snacky

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